Why Data Science Academy

Designed by former researchers, Data Science Academy enables researchers to discover new insights and substantially move their field of research forward. With our hands-on courses, researchers learn how to use machine learning techniques to unlock the potential hidden in their data, and to get better insights. 

We strive for excellent teaching quality standards to allow participants to master the discipline in a few weeks. We cater to researchers from any field who want to fill the gaps in their background and boost their careers, either in Research or in other business sector.

What is Data Science

Data and the analysis of data are at the heart of every research project. With the uprise of artificial intelligence a vast variety of algorithms in the field of big data, machine learning and deep learning have emerged. These algorithms have been made available through open source software and are now ready for researchers to use in their work.

Data Science uses a multi-disciplinary approach that sits at the interface between domain knowledge and expertise, math and statistics, and computer science. It uses scientific methods, processes, and algorithms to provide deep insights into huge amount of structured and unstructured data and to make predictions about complex systems.

How it works

Data Science Academy offers courses for all levels and all fields. The modular setup facilitates cooperation between neighboring fields as well as inspiration from remote areas of research. Various entry points into The Data Science Academy are offered to ensure the best learning experience for researchers with varying experiences in programming, mathematics and algorithms. The hands-on courses will run in small batches to achieve the highest teaching quality standards and allow participants to master the discipline in a few weeks. 

The modules shown below can be taken at any time, depending on the preference of the attendees. All participants who finish any of the module will become part of our alumni network, which will provide further options to learn from peers and stay connected to the community.

When and where are the next appointments

Data Science Academy is starting its activities in the first semester of 2020. We plan to offer workshops for researchers to teach them the methods needed for their research. The workshops will take place in the spaces of PROFUND Innovation of the Free University of Berlin.

We strongly believe that diversity is important to enhance the learning experience and class bondings that will extend way beyond the teaching period. Therefore, we encourage people from different backgrounds, gender, and nationality to apply.  Please use the buttons below to register to our upcoming courses or to receive information about our boot camps. We will not spam your email folder, promise! 

Who we are

We are former researchers with background in high performance computing, data science, and education. We decided to start Data Science Academy to fill the gap between the current knowledge base of researchers and the recent technological innovations in the field of machine learning and data analysis (see the results of our survey). We think that the future belongs to data science and those who understand it. New technologies will disrupt all professional fields, and researchers cannot afford to be left behind. Understanding data science, will provide researchers with a competitive edge both in their research field and in their career options outside of Academia. 


Founder and Managing Director